Friday 4 May 2018

Cartoon Caption Contest - Part 5

Here we go with another cartoon awaiting YOUR brilliant captions! I'm still on holiday, and although I pre-drew these cartoons for the week, I need a break from coming up with witty squirrel repartee. That's where YOU come in, because these cartoons ain't gonna caption themselves.

It's just like The New Yorker's famous Cartoon Caption Contest, except waaaayyyyyy better, because everyone's a winner!

Thanks for those of you who sent me your hilarious, ridiculous, and sometimes non sequitur captions this week, via this blog comment section, via the Twitter, the Instagram, or email. You have all amused me on my holiday to no end.



  1. One lump or two?

    Oh, NO! I'm not falling for that old gag.

    1. Oh, that's good! Thanks for your submission! And it's a winner! 🐿