Tuesday 28 February 2017

Welcome to my anxiety, part 3

Tuesday posts are traditionally reserved for Squirrel's many obsessions. This being anxiety week, the obsession takes on new meaning. Don't we all get obsessive about our worried thoughts and anxieties sometimes? No? Just me and Squirrel?

And, as for all of the comics this week, no harm is intended, no offence, and no fun is being poked at mental illness. Consider this week a lighthearted attempt to alleviate my own personal worries and anxieties - a form of "comic therapy"!

Monday 27 February 2017

Welcome to my anxiety, part 2

Hello, friends! Anxiety week continues here with another anxiety-themed comic. Again, as I wrote in yesterday's post, this week's theme is a lighthearted look at my personal anxieties and worries, and in no way intended to offend or make light of mental illness. I made them as a form of "comic therapy" and hope they brighten your day.

Sunday 26 February 2017

Welcome to my anxiety, part 1

Greetings, friends!

The following week of comics is dedicated to the subject of anxiety and worry! These comics are my way of dealing with my own intermittently challenging mental states, and, I hope, a relatable but lighthearted take on the subject. They are my form of art therapy.

Disclaimer: these comics are in no way intended to offend or hurt anyone, or poke fun at mental illness in any way. Nor are they designed to complain about well-meaning attempts at helping people with anxiety. 

Sunday 12 February 2017

Squirrel in Finland - guest comic by Esa Holopainen

Many thanks (kiitos!) to comic comrade Esa Holopainen for today's guest comic with Squirrel getting into Finnish mischief. You can catch more of the very talented Esa's work at this link . In the meantime, nauttia!

Saturday 4 February 2017


Went to the silent March in PEI today in honour of the victims of the Quebec City Mosque shootings earlier in the week. There were hundreds of supporters there, beautiful speeches, and nothing but love, peace, and solidarity. I've been to countless rallies, marches, and the like in PEI over the years, and I have never seen a crowd like this. It's about time that peace is back in style, 'cause we need it bad.