Thursday 19 May 2016

Birthday wishes from KOS

He's back! The fabulous and generous Tobias Svalås has done another dedication to Squirrel, a birthday webcomic no less. We are honoured and thrilled, and terribly impressed by his use of "mazel tov". Thanks to the creator of King of Slackers for all of his support over Squirrel's first year! Go check out his other comics while you're at it.

Squirrel years

Happy birthday, Squirrel!
It's been a full year and 180 posts of this webcomic, quite a milestone.
Thank you to everyone who reads and follows, and especially those that send supportive messages now and then. Without you I would have quit a long time ago. You know who you are - merci beaucoup!
Here's to the next year of squirrelly comic fun! 🐿