Monday 17 December 2018

That time of year again

Regular readers - all five of you - will know that I like to do the occasional comic homage to my good pal, Dave. When I do, I try to draw him in the style of his fabulous and long-running movie review comic, "And yet I blame Hollywood", rather than as another woodland creature.

Dave, as you may recall, has always been a great supporter of my kooky artistic and creative projects, and helped set up this website for DOAS so I could get Squirrel out of my head and out into the World Wide Web. Thanks again, Dave!

Today's comic homage also premieres Dave's husband, Dave, also drawn in the style of AYIBH. 

Welcome to DOAS, Dave! And welcome back, Dave!

P.S. Addendum to this post, later the same day: Interested readers may like to hop on over to Dave's horror movie review blog, Bloody Terror, directly to his post about exactly this very topic posted here titled "This Fucking Movie". Yes, go!