Friday 30 November 2018

Doctor of Philosophy

Here we go with the fourth, and last, of my comic submissions, and third, and last, accepted for publication in the online version of the esteemed national medical journal, the CMAJ. 

I hope the readers of this fine journal have enjoyed the antics of Squirrel and Dr. Katz as much as I enjoyed dipping into the world of Graphic Medicine.

Where will Squirrel and the gang turn up next?

Sunday 25 November 2018

Today's' post is yet another comic that was submitted to, accepted by, and published in the online edition of the national medical journal, CMAJ, as Graphic Medicine in its Humanities section (please see the last two posts for one other accepted comic, and a sadly rejected comic). 

And once again, you, my dear five regular readers, can read the full comic right here, without a CMA membership or CMAJ online subscription!

Das schmecht gut, nein?

Friday 23 November 2018

Career conundrum

Continuing with the Graphic Medicine mini-series, "Squirrel and Dr. Katz in...", today's post was accepted and published by the esteemed medical journal (online version only, but still...), CMAJ in October, 2018. 

Previously only available to those with CMA memberships or subscriptions to the online version of CMAJ, now it's available to all three readers of this webcomic blog too (hi, Mom!). 

What's more, the CMAJ online publication contained a wee spelling mistake that I only noticed too late, that has been corrected for the publication here.


Sunday 18 November 2018

Music therapy

This is the first in a mini-series called, "Squirrel and Dr. Katz in ...". These four comics were submitted to the esteemed medical journal, CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) under the guise of Graphic Medicine, and to make a long story short, three of the four were accepted and published in the online journal in three instalments this fall.

Today's instalment, "Music therapy", was the sole rejection. However, the rejection email (everything's electronic these days, so I will have to print it out if I want to melodramatically wallpaper my walls with rejection letters) was wonderful in its own way, providing valuable feedback and praise, despite the rejection. All in all, it has been a great learning experience for this budding cartoonist and a thrill to get a (electronic) publication!

Who knows where Squirrel will end up next? The Journal of Rheumatology? The Canadian Orthopedic Surgery Journal? GUT? Stay tuned!

Friday 2 November 2018

And Yet I Blame Late Night Movies...

More late show scary horror Halloween movie fun with my good friend Dave, of And Yet I Blame Hollywood comic fame, with a completely unexpected ending.

Dave, as regular readers may recall, helped me set up this webcomic blog three and a half years ago (!!!), but he also was an invaluable asset helping me promote my recent solo art show, Well Read: Literature Transformed. One of the books represented in this show was the book Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin, a favourite of both mine and Dave's, on which the fabulous movie was based. As a big thank you to Dave for his help, I am giving him the Rosemary's Baby ceramic mask from the show. 

Hope you like it, Dave, and thanks again!