Sunday 28 October 2018

And Yet I Blame Giallo

Here we go with another tribute to my pal Dave and his fabulous monthly comic, And Yet I Blame Hollywood. Regular readers will remember that Dave helped me set up this webcomic three and a half years ago (!!!) and continues to be a big support. He also encouraged me to explore his beloved world of horror cinema this week, setting the stage for this week's True Story comics.

Thanks again, Dave!

Monday 15 October 2018

Anne Fanne

This is a redraw of a comic I posted a while ago, spiffed up and expanded for an art show that I recently displayed and is coming down today. The show was all about books, called Well Read: Literature Transformed, with each piece representing a book that had a profound influence on me. The show had some paintings, some pottery, some multi-media, and, of course, some comics. To see some of the other pieces, please check out my "art" blog, Jenzelart .