Friday 26 April 2019

Squirrel and Sloth, a special guest post!

A very special thank you to Heather Mullen, who has provided a special guest post for today, keeping the theme of the recent Slow thread. I think she has captured the spirit of Squirrel and this webcomic perfectly!

Hey, friends - you, too, can send me a guest comic if the squirrelly spirit moves you. In fact, Squirrel's 4 year anniversary is next month (FOUR YEARS!?!) and I could use a little down time, so guest comics would be very welcome, allowing me a little time off to recharge and regroup and take this comic into the future...

If YOU would like to submit a guest comic (and keep it squirrelly, and keep it clean, kids), send it to

In the meantime, a huge thank you to Heather!