Friday 23 November 2018

Career conundrum

Continuing with the Graphic Medicine mini-series, "Squirrel and Dr. Katz in...", today's post was accepted and published by the esteemed medical journal (online version only, but still...), CMAJ in October, 2018. 

Previously only available to those with CMA memberships or subscriptions to the online version of CMAJ, now it's available to all three readers of this webcomic blog too (hi, Mom!). 

What's more, the CMAJ online publication contained a wee spelling mistake that I only noticed too late, that has been corrected for the publication here.



  1. Hey! I read your comic here too! As well as on twitter (the Lady and the Frog)

    1. Hey, that's great! Thank you for your patronage! 🐿