Thursday 18 May 2017

Too much self help

 I try to keep a pretty healthy "buffer" for this blog, which means I have at least a couple of week's worth of comics at any time, in case of emergency (always be prepared for potential catastrophes, right?). The upside is that I can post on a regular basis, no matter how busy I get. The downside is that sometimes I think of a better gag after I've already inked up the comic. I can usually remedy that by redrawing the funnier version, but today I only just thought of a funnier ending now, and my buffer is shockingly thin. So whoever takes the time to read through this rambling intro gets the funnier (?) punchline: "You've got to read the whole book, not just the titles". Hmmm. Maybe not.

Also, as I was typing this, I just heard on the news that Chris Cornell died. Remember earlier this week I referred to missed live performances (you don't? It's right here)? I also turned down tickets in the nineties to see Soundgarden playing at Varsity Stadium in downtown Toronto, a couple of blocks away from where I lived, because I didn't want to miss my adult education evening art class. R.I.P., Chris Cornell.

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