Friday 26 May 2017

Oh no

Bonus comic time!

This a both a true story and fan art for the fabulous comic  Webcomic Name . Otherwise known as the "oh no" comic, as the final third panel always ends with the blob protagonist saying, wistfully, "oh no". It's a great comic -  simple, but always spot on. 

So when I saw that there was a fan art competition for it on the Twitter a while ago, I planned to heartily participate. I mean, who is more appropriate to participate in a 3-panel comic contest that ends with an "oh no" than Squirrel? 

Except I forgot. 

I guess with my regular comics, my obsessive 100-crow painting project (see it here  if you are interested, I am at #94), some minor life crises and my overreactions to them, plus my day job, it just slipped my mind. Which ain't what it used to be. But then, what is?

Oh no.

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