Friday 19 May 2017

Happy birthday!

Hey, it's the official 2nd birthday of this webcomic today! Happy birthday to Squirrel and the gang! I hope you've enjoyed reading these comics almost as much as I've enjoyed making them. Here's to many more!

As for today's comic, there's a backstory (of course!). When I was a teenager, I had a so-called friend who always said I was "book smart" but not "street smart". I would get teased for being a good student with high marks, but kind of out of it. So for my 16th birthday, she gave me this card:

Which had this on the inside:

Hilarious, right? We all had a good laugh, including me. Except that, i didn't get it. I pretend laughed with everyone, thinking, what's so funny? We're not even eating lunch? I'm not exaggerating when I say that the actual joke of it didn't hit me until years later, long after the friendship finally fizzled, and the irony was too much to bear.

So in honour of the birthday card that was more appropriate than the sender even realized, here's today's birthday comic. Happy birthday to a out to lunch squirrel and creator!

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