Sunday 2 June 2019


Sorry about today's post, folks.

My iPad Mini (or, as I affectionately call it, my "Mini-pad") is the machine that makes this webcomic appear online, and, apparently, it's on it's last legs.

One by one, my apps are dying, unable to update on this five-year old electronic dinosaur.

Unfortunately, it looks like my Blogger capabilities are the latest to be dying now. It took many attempts and Herculean efforts to squeeze out today's webcomic post, hence the square format.

Not only that, but I noticed, too late, a spelling error. And there's no way I'm going to redo it now, after breaking a sweat getting this far!

Anyway, if this webcomic suddenly disappears, blame the built-in obsolescence of today's electronic devices.

And if anyone wants to start a fundraiser for a new iPad Mini for Squirrel.....

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