Monday 23 July 2018

Directions, or Eptek Centre demo day, part 2

Regular readers (apparently there are a few of you) (besides my mom) may recall that Squirrel was recently in lovely Summerside, PEI, doing a "demo day" at the Eptek Centre (see for details).

(By the way, the comic art show, Behind the Panels, is still up for your viewing pleasure, and highly recommended!)

But there was more drama and intrigue that day in Summerside, and so the saga continues today with the comic depiction of a True Story, involving Squirrel and some lovely friends who visited the exhibit that day.

You know who you are, Bob and Earlene. Thanks for visiting me at the demo day and the fun story! And thanks to Dave Stewart and Dave Atkinson, who both, upon hearing the story, suggested it be made into a comic.

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