Monday 2 October 2017

ASMR, part 1

Hey, friends - do you know about this YouTube phenomenon called ASMR? I fell upon it accidentally, searching for something mellow to help me relax into a nap one day. 

What a discovery! *Tingles*!!! 

But the experience felt a little... weird. Because the video was of a beautiful young woman, very close to the camera, whispering and pretending she was giving the viewer a haircut.

I thought, there's absolutely nothing sexual or perverted about this, but it may seem that way to someone who doesn't experience the *tingles*.

So I did a little informal poll amongst my peers, and, well, pretty much every one of them thought it was weird, sexual, or perverted. No *tingles*, just giggles - laughing at me.

Well, one friend said it sounded *tingly* - she said she got *tingles* just from my verbal description of the videos. So that's one in about fifteen. I stopped asking friends after a while, because I want to keep them as friends.

So what do you all think? Any other ASMR devote├ęs out there? I'd love to hear about it if you are a *tingly* type! Let us all know in the comments below. And check out Whispers Red - Emma is The Best! Oh, except for ASMR Caroline, and ASMR Darling, and the one who does all the accents... 

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