Friday 3 March 2017

Welcome to my anxiety, part 6

Anxiety week continues for Squirrel! Again, a disclaimer - none of these anxiety- and worry-themed comics are meant to offend anyone or belittle mental illness, nor to diminish the real help and support offered by friends, family, loved ones, and mental health professionals. They are my form of "comic therapy" as I go through some difficult personal challenges, and they do help me - I hope they may help others, too.

Having said that, I really did once see a therapist who counselled me to "just stop worrying". That was at our last visit.


  1. I used to suffer from mild anxiety. The worst thing one can hear is just this: stop worrying. It just makes things worse indeed. It then makes you worry about worrying, worry about why you can't stop worrying while everyone else seem to be able to just switch off...
    But once, I had a very good advice from a psychologist, and it just helped me so much. Not so much of an advice, but just a statement. Telling her about my life and my situation, she exclaimed: "well, you have very good reasons to worry. Sort this out and the worries should be more bearable. Where should we start, how can I help?" I've learnt that feelings can't be switched off, ingnored of brushed aside. And feelings are always caused by something. I found what this one thing is, accepted it was making me worried and acted on the situation.

    Squirrel has good reason to worry: at the bottom of the food chain, he can't hibernate. He has to gather enough food for the winter (and doesn't know how long it will be) while running away from hungry foxes or cats. Dog psychologist can't understand that: food is no issue for a dog. Moose friend can eat pine needles and has antlers to keep wolves at bay. Pig is well looked after and pampered (unnaware of his destiny)...

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad this comic resonated with you. It sounds like you had a wonderful therapist, not like Dr. Hund here! Cheers!