Tuesday 24 January 2017

Obsessions - Joan Cornellà

Today's post needs an explanation. 

I love Joan Cornellà comics. I adore and worship them. I think they are genius and madcap and surreal incredibleness.

I love them so much, I even did an homage comic a little while back. Scroll back far enough and you'll find it on this very blog, or just go here.

If you followed my comic travel diary to Barcelona last September, you may recall that I hoped to buy my comic hero's books while I was in his home city, and maybe even get them autographed, and, well, the fantasy continued.

I kinda sorta hoped we'd meet and go out for sangria and share comic-making stories, he being in a mentor position, and would likely impart great wisdom and support for fledgling little 'ole me. I was sure he's be incredibly supportive of my humble efforts and we'd end up great chums. Alas.

I did buy all his books while I was in Barcelona, but JC never responded to my electronic outreach efforts, including spontaneous comics tagging him, which got sillier as the trip continued and as I got drunker on sangria. (Here, and here.)

Anyway, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, check him out at his website, joancornella.net, and, well, tell him the Squirrel sent you.

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