Tuesday 21 June 2016

Obsessions - Hitchcock - for Dave Stewart

Today's post is dedicated to my good - no, great - friend, Dave Stewart. Dave gave me my first opportunity to do a comic with the character of Squirrel, inviting me to collaborate with him on his comic, And Yet I Blame Hollywood, which is printed in the monthly local publication The Buzz:

He then encouraged me to do a webcomic with him, which he set up and managed. It had a short run, but a good one. When I started Diary of a Squirrel, he made the webpage beautiful, helped promote it in early days, and then made me beautiful business cards:

Dave also has an awesome blog about films called Bloody Terror and I encourage you all to check it out. There's a definite emphasis on the horror genre, but also today's post subject, Alfred Hitchcock. 

So Dave, I don't know how else to thank you properly except through a comic, which is, again, thanks to you! Today, you are the Squirrel! Be the Squirrel! ❤️🐿


  1. What can I say, except that I am thrilled, tickled, and honoured. And giving you a boost at the beginning was a pleasure for me. To anyone out there pondering which Hitchcock flicks to check out, I recommend each and every one, but especially: Rear Window, Notorious, North by Northwest, Strangers on a Train, Shadow of a Doubt, Psycho, The Birds, Frenzy, The Man Who Knew Too Much (both versions), The 39 Steps, The Lady Vanishes, Rebecca, The Wrong Man, Vertigo, and Foreign Correspondent.

    1. Thanks, again Dave! And thanks for the Hitchcock film list. Just re-watched Notorious the other night - brilliant!