Monday, 30 April 2018

Cartoon Caption Contest - Part 1

Hey friends, this week's a bit different here at Diary of a Squirrel.

I'm on a little holiday and can't do my regular, wordy, involved comic posts. But rather than leave you all comic-less for the week, I thought we could do a little collaboration. 

Taking a page from The New Yorker, I thought I could provide the comic and YOU could all provide the captions! I'll post them on the Twitter and the Instagram as well, and hopefully we'll get us some humdinger captions.

Just enter your caption suggestions in the comment section below. Winners get a sense of satisfaction of having done a good job. Allons-y!


  1. RIGHT: "Look, I'm sorry, I thought I had solvent. But in the meantime, you can just say it's, um, a Malabar 'do!"
    LEFT [thought]: Urge to maul rising...

    1. That's the spirit (I don't get it, but that's exactly the New Yorker cartoon spirit)! Thanks for your participating!

  2. Well, in the true spirit of the New Yorker caption contest, which rewards people who grasp lazily at the lowest-hanging fruit, I’ll say,
    RIGHT: “Hey, don’t be mickey-mousing around here at work!”
    (*ba-dump-bump tss*)

    1. Excellent New Yorker spirit caption! Thanks for participating, we'll be here all week, folks!