Sunday, 4 November 2018

Contact lenses

This comic was suggested by a friend who does not want to be identified, but she knows who she is, and she gave me her approval to use her gag in this comic.

As she works for a Big Canadian Broadcaster, she is concerned that her employers would not approve of her affiliation with this comic. (Sounds like a reasonable corporation with high standards - Ed.) Something about the occasional swear word used here. (Is that the excuse she gave you? - Ed.)

And as she works for a Big Canadian Broadcaster (without naming it, let's call it B.C.B. for short), she is privy to many obscure news stories, and this was one she recently shared. It's from a few weeks ago, but still highly relevant and newsworthy. And funny. (??? - Ed.)

So thank you again, unnamed B.C.B. secret source (do NOT start calling her Deep Throat - Ed.), and feel free to keep the newsy gags coming this way!

Friday, 2 November 2018

And Yet I Blame Late Night Movies...

More late show scary horror Halloween movie fun with my good friend Dave, of And Yet I Blame Hollywood comic fame, with a completely unexpected ending.

Dave, as regular readers may recall, helped me set up this webcomic blog three and a half years ago (!!!), but he also was an invaluable asset helping me promote my recent solo art show, Well Read: Literature Transformed. One of the books represented in this show was the book Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin, a favourite of both mine and Dave's, on which the fabulous movie was based. As a big thank you to Dave for his help, I am giving him the Rosemary's Baby ceramic mask from the show. 

Hope you like it, Dave, and thanks again!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

And Yet I Blame Giallo

Here we go with another tribute to my pal Dave and his fabulous monthly comic, And Yet I Blame Hollywood. Regular readers will remember that Dave helped me set up this webcomic three and a half years ago (!!!) and continues to be a big support. He also encouraged me to explore his beloved world of horror cinema this week, setting the stage for this week's True Story comics.

Thanks again, Dave!